Cash Flow is King.

Investment opportunities returning as high as $1200 in your pocket every week.

Negative Gearing is over.

We don't like House And Land Packages

And we're happy to tell you why.
The average House & Land package sells for $400,000 to $500,000.
Renting for around $480 per week, it provides Negative Cash Flow.
You're paying from your pocket every week to own your investment.

Dual Dwelling Home

Our client just sold this home for $590,000 - it returns $840 per week.
The 3 bedroom was rented for $460, and $380 for the 2 bedroom.
This cash flow positive property returns 7.3% gross.
Our happy seller just made over $70,000 in profit.

Make Money in a Changing Market

Positive Cashflow Property Investments Regardless of Experience

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Small Duplex Project

Find out how we helped Kate make over $130,000 in Profit.
Kate wasn't happy with her investment returns, so we built her a duplex in Nambour that returns around 7% and she made over $130,000 in equity.
To learn more about how to make $100,000 or more within 9 months, contact us, read more.

From Investment Property Woes To High Performing Portfolio

Mike and Lesley owned a principal place of residence as well as an investment property. The investment was only returning approximately 2% of their money. They had bought the investment home at the peak of a cycle and the property was starting to need lots more extra money and was in need of upcoming repairs.

HPA Special Project

We'll think outside the box to create profit for YOU.
For an investment from $500,00 to $600,000, this property will return $1000 to $1250 pw. We've created a multi purpose positive cash flow opportunity returning 10.8%.

Specialised Disability Accommodation

A life changing investment opportunity with exceptional cash flow.
Learn more about investing in an NDIS SDA Home with above market average returns. The rent is paid by the Government.

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Michael Knights

Michael Knights

Michael Knights, director of Horizon Property Alliance located on the Sunshine Coast, is a boutique developer / investor and has been working in the real estate industry for more than 30 years.

Featured on TV shows such as “Hot Auction”, “Location, Location” & “Hot Properties” he has been one of Australia’s Premier Real Estate Agents for many years.

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